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Arnout Nuijt is Dutch, living in Rotterdam, the founder and publisher of The Brazil Weekly the English language on line news site,   and on twitter @Brazilweekly.

He is also the Program Director of International Relations for the City of Rotterdam. Here we talk about the “Dutch” view of Brazil and his suggestions on the opportunities in the country.

Listen to the Talk 2 Brazil Talk Radio Guest Egil Fujikawa Nes, Norwegian entrepreneur and Co Founder of The Brazil Business, where he writes on “how” to business in Brazil. Here we compare his interview on Talk 2 Brazil on August 2010 to Brazil opportunities and challenges today.

Egil Fujikawa Nes, Co Founder of The Brazil Business.

In The Brazil Business we aim to be very practical with our  information. We find many people are writing about why to do business  in Brazil these days, we try to write more focused on "how" to do  business. Luckily I'm getting a lot of first hand experience with  problems that foreign technology companies are experiencing in Brazil  trough my position as sale responsible in Connection Consulting.

Reinaldo Panico Peres, President & CEO No Borders Consulting Group 

Reinaldo Panico Peres has over 29 years of experience in the automotive industry. He is currently the Corporate Advisor to the Sabó Group – a global automotive supplier company with 4,200 employees and $450 million in revenue. Previously, he was the Group’s OEM & Aftermarket Corporate Director, while also holding the title of Executive Vice President for Sabo USA Inc. Reinaldo was part of a recent visit ot Brazil with The Charlotte Regional Partnership.

Richard Kane is a social scientist, Brazilianist and entrepreneur on a quest to introduce as many students, faculty and professionals from around the world to Brazil as possible.

Listen to the interview, PLAY or DOWNLOAD

He has found his dream job serving as an academic advisor, internship coordinator, career counselor and study tour coordinator for the Family and Consumer Sciences department at Illinois State University.

Born in Chicago the son of an orphaned Teamster and an angel of Swedish decent, Richard developed a relentless curiosity about the world and its people.  His quest to understand how society works has been rewarding, but not easy.

Edwin Asberg, Sports Management Specialist 

Listen to the interview with Edwin Asberg PLAY or DOWNLOAD

Edwin is originally from a Brazilian town called Holambra which is strongly connected to international culture, more especifically the Dutch one.  In 2010 Edwin decided to study for his  masters in Europe,  and is currently finishing his masters in sport management at the German Sport University, in Cologne, Germany. 

Edwin studied Sports (with focus on sport management) at the University of Sao Paulo where he participated in the junior enterprise. Besides an academic background, he also worked  at Máquina do Esporte  in Brazil, a leading media company that covers sports from a a business perspective. In addition to his studies in Germany Edwin is also an assistant at the international department of Sport und Markt, a global leader in market research in sports based in Cologne. 

Ben Tavener, British journalist and amateur photographer living in South Brazil .

Here we talk about Ben´s article "One-in-Five of Brazil’s Young Adults Inactive".    Ben works freelance, but has been Senior Reporter at The Rio Times since August 2011. 

Listen to Tom Reaoch interview Ben Tavener, PLAY  or DOWNLOAD


Lucy Jordan, Senior contributing reporter for The Rio Times.

Lucy Jordan is also, oil and gas stringer for Platts, blogger for Americas Quarterly and a regular contributor to GlobalPost and the Independent.


Listen to Tom Reaoch interview Lucy Jordan PLAY or DOWNLOAD. 

She was born and grew up in Norfolk, in the UK. She studied English Literature at Edinburgh University and later did an MA in journalism at City University in London. Lucy Jordan has  worked as a research assistant at the Village Voice in New York , a reporter at the Cambodia Daily in Phnom Penh and now has been living In Brasilia since May 2012. 

Amcham Campinas Launching of the Premio Eco 2012

At today´s Sustainability Fourum event Amcham-Brasil celebrates 30 years of success of honoring Brazilian corporations for best practices in Sustainability.

Renato Ferreira, of Grupo Libra and Thiago Char of Kimberly-Clark shared their experience as winners of Premio Eco 2011.

For more information about Premio Eco  

Tom Reaoch made a networking presentation to the members of Amcham Uberlandia. Uberlandia is the second largest city in the State of Minas Gerais as well as one of the most important distribution centers in Brazil. Amcham Uberlandia branch was founded in 2006 and now has over 150 member companies with strong presence in the Logistics, Service and Technology industries.

Check out the photos! 

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