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Listen to the upcoming Talk 2 Brazil interview by Tom Reaoch with Moema Pimentel and Joao Pimentel on LA Talk Radio, Los Angeles, Monday May 5, 2014 at 1 pm PST.

Ghetz Footware was set up by Moema Pimentel, Managing Director, and Joao Conrado, CEO, both from Brazil. They identified a gap in the market for high quality yet sustainably made shoes at competitive prices.

Joao and Moema met in 1998 and formed a business partnership close to their roots as well as their hearts. Born in Franca, one of the shoe capitals of Brazil, they both have shoemaking in their blood. As natural entrepreneurs, they both have a very organic style of management and are open, friendly and flexible in business.

They established an office in London with a Ghetz team that is hands on and truly international, with people from South America, Europe, Asia and the UK. Such a multicultural melting pot brings diversity and a depth of experience resulting in a vibrant office culture.

  Listen to the Talk 2 Brazil interview by Tom Reaoch with Carlos Mariaca on LA Talk Radio, Dec. 9, 2013:  PLAY or DOWNLOAD.

 Carlos Mariaca, Managing Partner – Center Group Corp. and President of the Brazilian-American Chamber of Commerce of Florida.

Tri-cultural academic and professional experience –- born Brazilian and North-American citizen, studied in São Paulo schools, completed university and MBA degrees in the USA (University of Miami – Bachelor of Arts – Major: International Finance and Marketing, and University of Miami – Masters of Business Administration – Dual Specialization: International Business / International Finance). Fluent in English, Spanish and Portuguese. Always worked as a CEO or Advisor to CEO’s, mainly in corporate services, in the USA, Brazil, Argentina and other Latin America markets.

Listen to the Talk 2 Brazil interview by Tom Reaoch with David Lavin and Lara Espirito Santo on LA Talk Radio,  Dec. 2, 2013 : PLAY or DOWNLOAD.

We´ll be talking about the upcoming Clinton Global Initiative, Latin America to be held in Rio.

David Lavin is the Founder and Director of SPARK Global LLC, an impact innovation consultancy and startup greenhouse with headquarters in New York and Rio de Janeiro. Spark works with clients to develop new products, services and strategies that create measurable social impact and also develops scalable for-profit impact businesses.  

David’s background includes management of high-level multi-sectoral partnerships, design and implementation of monitoring and evaluation systems, and social enterprise strategy. 

Lara Espirito Santo manages Spark's Rio de Janeiro office. Prior to Spark, Lara worked directly with the President of Instituto Pereira Passos (IPP) an arm of the Rio City government.  There, Lara developed partnership strategies, devised new monitoring and evaluation systems and created the new project management office.

Lara developed partnerships with corporate and non-profit organizations in the recently pacified favelas, working to stimulate entrepreneurship and capacity-building at the base of the pyramid, and support the development of new social enterprises.

Avishek Nigam  talks on business relations between India and Brazil. How to "Start Up" a business in India. He also compared Brazil and India from a business standpoint. How are they the same? How are they different?  The regions of India! The regions of Brazil!"

Avishek Nigam is a : Member of the Advisory Council at India Brazil Chamber of Commerce,Member of the Consultive Board at World Trade Center Belo Horizonte and Director  for IT SERVICES COUNCIL at Sucesu Minas Gerais, Brazil.

Rugby in Brazil. Yes Rugby!  Werner talks about his role a head coach for a Brazilian Rugby team in Novo Hamburgo, as well as a South African´s view of business in Brazil.

Originally from South Africa, Werner Trieloff moved to Brazil in December 2008 and has since assisted various companies from across the world with their Brazilian operations (due diligences, opening of subsidiaries, monthly reporting for such subsidiaries, joint venture agreements, tax planning, management consulting, etc).  He currently runs  the international business department of MSSantini Consulting, where his combination of business, accounting and language skills has made him an invaluable Brazilian partner for international companies.  He is also the head coach of Novo Hamburgo Rugby Club in Novo Hamburgo.

Listen to the Talk 2 Brazil Talk Radio Guest Egil Fujikawa Nes, Norwegian entrepreneur and Co Founder of The Brazil Business, where he writes on “how” to business in Brazil. Here we compare his interview on Talk 2 Brazil on August 2010 to Brazil opportunities and challenges today.

Egil Fujikawa Nes, Co Founder of The Brazil Business.

In The Brazil Business we aim to be very practical with our  information. We find many people are writing about why to do business  in Brazil these days, we try to write more focused on "how" to do  business. Luckily I'm getting a lot of first hand experience with  problems that foreign technology companies are experiencing in Brazil  trough my position as sale responsible in Connection Consulting.

I first met Markus Hofrichter in a networking event in Sao Paulo and later interviewed Markus on Talk 2 Brazil show in July 2009, that interview is still the record holder for number of downloads among all Talk 2 Brazil interviews.

Markus is a graduate in Mechanics, Industrial Engineering and Business Administration, has recently concluded his Doctorate in Industrial Engineering.  Markus Hofrichter is a specialist in the Six Sigma Methodologies and Lean Manufacture principles and has published more than 20 articles on the subject. Markus talks about automotive and truck manufacture, logistics in Brazil as well as LinkedIn as a learning environment.

 Listen to the Talk 2 Brazil inteview by Tom Reaoch on LA Talk Radio Oct.3, 2011

Brian Winter, Chief Correspondent, Reuters Brazil from Sao Paulo. Brian Winter was previously the foreign editor for USA Today, and is author and co-author of two books including The Accidental President of Brazil, a memoir by former President Fernando Henrique Cardoso. He has also been based in Buenos Aires, Argentina and Mexico City.

Interview Topics:

  • How Brazil stacks up against its BRIC peers?
  • Brazil in 2020 : is this a “transformational’ decade?
  • Outlook for the Brazilian Real and foreign direct investment
  • The drivers and winners behind the commodities boom
  • Is Brazil ready for the World Cup and the Olympics?

The book, Brian´s experience in writing it:

Compares Presidents FHC, Lula and Dilma.

Where will Brazil be politically in 2020.

The elite versus the working class!

Talk 2 Brazil Live Radio guest Caio Gouvea, General Manager Puratos Brasil Ltda.

Aeronautical Engineer ITA Brazil, post grad in marketing ESPM, Brazil. From Rockets to bread and chocolate, Caio talks about the Brazilian food industry, and being the reliable partners of bakers, patissier and chocolatier customers while helping develop their businesses through innovation.

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